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see bellbell,
in music, a percussion instrument consisting of a hollow metal vessel, often cup-shaped with an outward-flaring rim, damped at one end and set into vibration by a blow from a clapper within or from a hammer without.
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Winnie's language is a deliberate choice: she will tell the story of her days from bellringing to bellringing--and such is the power of that language that she can chose to make those days into "happy days" despite the circumstances.
Due to the shorter bellringing season, all four corps are in shortfall coming into this final week with only 60 percent of their red kettle campaign goals completed.
South Koreans traditionally mark New Year's Eve with bellringing ceremonies, fireworks, and outdoor music and dance performances.
The Rev David Baverstock, Parish Priest at the church, and also a member of Liverpool's team, said: "The National Twelve-Bell competition is one of the highlights of the bellringing calendar.
All the bells were sounded half-muf-fled, in which a thick leather cover is strapped to one side of each bell's clapper - the traditional bellringing method for sombre commemorative events.
New Mill Bells are hoping their passion for bellringing will rub off on others in the region, and hope that the people of Yorkshire will give them a chance, and a ring, in the near future
AN open day is being held at St Margaret's Church, Chapel Lane, Great Barr, on Saturday, September 7, between 10am and 4pm so visitors can try church bell and handbell ringing, learn about the history of bellringing and meet the local band.
YOU might not think bellringing could be a controversial activity, but you'd be wrong.
Bellringing, like Morris dancing, is a crucial part of our crumbling cultural heritage, delivering the benefits of aesthetic enjoyment and a tough physical workout to its practitioners.
Bells were rung at the city parish of St John in John Street in the city centre by members of the Cardiff Students' Bellringing Society, alongside the bells of the Catholic Cathedral of St David's, similar to those rung 125 years ago as the university was opened.
Dr Merry, a biochemist, said he would return to bellringing at St Mary's in Charlbury, Oxon, despite his clanger.