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see gargar,
member of the family Lepisosteidae, freshwater fishes found in the warmer rivers and lakes of the S United States, Central America, Mexico, and the West Indies. Gars are highly predacious and destroy many useful fish.
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; needlefishneedlefish,
common name for members of the family Belonidae, which comprises species of elongated, surface-swimming predaceous fish abundant in warm seas. They have beaklike jaws armed with sharp teeth, giving them a superficial resemblance to the gar; some needlefishes reach a
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(Belone belone), also European garfish or European needlefish, a fish of the family Belonidae. The body reaches a length of 90 cm and a weight of 1 kg. The garfish is distributed in the temperately warm coastal waters of Europe and North Africa; it is found in the Baltic, North, Mediterranean, and Black seas. A predatory school fish, it feeds principally on small fishes. The garfish spawns in the littoral zone. Its roe are equipped with sticky filaments for attachment to algae and marine grasses. The fish’s commercial value is slight. The Russian name for the garfish—sargan—is sometimes used to designate other members of the family Belonidae.


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1. another name for garpike
2. an elongated European marine teleost fish, Belone belone, with long toothed jaws: related to the flying fishes
3. any of various marine or estuarine fish with a long needle-like lower jaw
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The lowest Ni concentration in fish species was 0.01 [micro]g [g.sup.-1] in Sarda sarda Belone belone species taken from Karasu and the highest was 26.1 [micro]g [g.sup.-1] in Mugil cephalus species taken from Cark Stream.
According to Table I, the values of b ranged from 1.933 for Belone belone to 3.475 for Symphodus ocellatus.