Belsk Gorodishche

Bel’sk Gorodishche


the largest Scythian fortified settlement (sixth century B.C. to first century A.D.) near the present-day village of Bel’sk, Kotel’va Raion, Poltava Oblast, Ukrainian SSR. It was investigated by V. A. Gorodtsov in 1906. It consists of two fortified settlements and the area between them. The western settlement had an area of 90 hectares (ha), ’surrounded by a rampart 3.5 km long. The eastern had an area of 82 ha and a rampart about 4 km long. The area between them was enclosed by a fence approximately 30 km long. Remains of dwellings (half-dugouts) and huge enclosures for cattle have been discovered. Copper-casting and blacksmith works were developed.


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