Beluzhia Inlet

Beluzh’ia Inlet


a bay on the northern shore of the Matochkin Shar Strait in Novaia Zemlia. It is 10 km long and about 3 km wide at the mouth. It narrows near the top to 0.5 km and becomes Meta Bay, which stretches in a northwesterly direction for 6.5 km. The inlet’s depth is 45 m and more; Meta Bay’s depth ranges from 13 to 27 m. The inlet is icebound most of the year. The first Russian scientific expedition to Novaia Zemlia, led by F. Rozmyslov, wintered there in 1768–69. The grave of a member of that expedition, la. Ia. Chirakin, who first described Matochkin Shar, is at Beluzh’ia Inlet.