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Ben Ezra:

see Ibn Ezra, Abraham ben MeirIbn Ezra, Abraham ben Meir
, c.1089–1164, Jewish grammarian, commentator, poet, philosopher, and astronomer, b. Tudela, Spain. He traveled widely and wrote a number of ethical treatises, poems, and other works.
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It is rather fully expressed as a whole, in two of Browning's best known and finest poems, 'Rabbi ben Ezra,' and 'Abt Vogler.' Some critics, it should be added, however, feel that Browning is too often and too insistently a teacher in his poetry and that his art would have gained if he had introduced his philosophy much more incidentally.
The second day was remembered by the performance of the Israeli jazz virtuoso Adam Ben Ezra at the International Mugham Center.
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The best is yet to be, The last of life, for which the first was made!" - Robert Browning, "Rabbi Ben Ezra"
Bots are the new digital Torchbearers for companies," said Henri Ben Ezra, the cofounder and president of SnatchBot.
029 2030 4400 MUSIC Adam Ben Ezra Double-bass phenomenon, multi-instrumentalist and YouTube sensation Adam Ben Ezra draws on modern jazz, rock and world music to create his own fascinating sound.
Abenezra (Avraham Ibn Ezra, 1089-1167) was a Spanish rabbi, immortalized in Robert Browning's poem "Rabbi Ben Ezra." French rabbi and astronomer Levi ben Gershon, also called Gersonides (1288-1344), was best known for inventing the Jacob's Staff, a tool used for centuries by sailing ships to navigate by the stars.
Ra'anana mayor Ze'ev Bielski, who spoke to the victim, Yair Ben Ezra, said Ben Ezra told him he suspected the stabber.
The most famous genizah was in Cairo at the Ben Ezra synagogue.
Stokl Ben Ezra, "Wie viele Bibliotheken gab es in Qumran?" (pp.
Located in the heart of Fustat, the Ben Ezra Synagogue was a center of prayer, study and celebration for Egyptian Jews from at least the 10th century.
The documents were part of the Cairo Genizah collection found in the "sacred storeroom" of the Ben Ezra Synagogue in Egypt's capital and brought back to the UK in 1896.