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see SirachSirach
or Ecclesiasticus
[Lat. from Gr.,=ecclesiastical], book included in the Septuagint and in the Roman Catholic canon of the Old Testament but not included in the Hebrew Bible and placed in the Apocrypha of the Authorized Version and Protestant Bibles since.
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Since the word [phrase omitted] 'exchange' appears only in a medieval manuscript of Ben Sira (MS A), (8) quite possibly this form represents a later accretion to Hebrew morphology, especially since this very word is common in the piyyutim of Yosi, Yannai, Qillir, et al.
(2) For our purposes, in discussing the role of discipline in Jewish wisdom texts, the Book of Proverbs, the Book of Ben Sira, and the Wisdom of Solomon will serve as exemplars.
Nuria Calduch-Benages nos habla de La inspiracion en el Siracida o libro de Ben Sira (pp.
If the wisdom of Jesus and ben Sira were allowed to infuse the world of politics, how might that change things?
The story gets cloudy when the original Hebrew manuscript of what we might call Ben Sira's class notes gets lost and isn't rediscovered until 1896.
The seventeen essays in Intertextual Studies in Ben Sira and Tobit, edited by Jeremy Corley and Vincent Skemp (Catholic Biblical Association, $13) honor well biblical scholar Alexander A.
Ben Sira riet den Seinen, ihre Pflicht zu tun, auszuharren und sich nicht durch das Gluck der Gottlosen erschrecken zu lassen, weil Gott unversehens erhohen und erniedrigen kann, so da[ss] man niemanden vor seinem Tode glucklich preisen darf (Sir 11:20-26*): (28) Mein Sohn, behalte deine Pflichten fest im Sinn und werde alt bei deiner Arbeit.
Eighteen-year-old Eva Ben Sira is training to become a squad commander in the Negev desert - a far cry from the frozen wastes of her homeland.
Though some of it was praised highly, e.g., Ben Sira and Ecclesiasticus, much was scanted, like the book of Maccabees, which was put into the Apocryhpha and is non-canonical for Jews and Protestants.
limits his discussion to Ben Sira and the Dead Sea Scrolls, but treats Proverbs, Job, and Qoheleth as necessary background.