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see SirachSirach
or Ecclesiasticus
[Lat. from Gr.,=ecclesiastical], book included in the Septuagint and in the Roman Catholic canon of the Old Testament but not included in the Hebrew Bible and placed in the Apocrypha of the Authorized Version and Protestant Bibles since.
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If the wisdom of Jesus and ben Sira were allowed to infuse the world of politics, how might that change things?
BEN SIRA WAS A WISDOM TEACHER LOYAL TO THE PRIESThood, Temple, and public worship of Israel.
The short answer to that one is that the Church never created a Saint's day for Ben Sira, but did for Judah Maccabee, a day now abolished by the Western Church but retained by Eastern orthodoxy.
Comparing different health funds, Ben Sira found lower satisfaction with the affective behaviors of doctors and lower satisfaction with treatment - which he attributed to the high recurrence of doctors' visits - in the General Health Fund.
We are very excited to be a part of this important project and deliver Insight from Interactions to help increase the security of Shanghai's important airport," said Doron Ben Sira, President of NICE APAC.
Wright mentions that Ben Sira had pedagogical goals in interpreting some biblical texts through a "sapiential lens" (p.
Among the topics are law and wisdom according to Deuteronomy 4:5-8, Job in conversation with the Torah, Torah and sapiential pedagogy in the Book of Ben Sira, evidence from sapiential texts on wisdom and Torah at Qumran, and rewriting Torah in the Hebrew Bible and the Dead Sea Scrolls.
We are thrilled to significantly broaden SkyVision's activities in Southern Africa providing high quality connectivity to meet the needs of the rapidly expanding South African economy", stated Doron Ben Sira, CEO of SkyVision.
How tempting to ignore or to discount the exhortation of a Jesus ben Sira who called his wronged contemporaries to forgive injustices and pray so that their own sins might be forgiven.
It was Schechter who first identified the long-lost original Hebrew version of the ancient book of Ben Sira (a collection of proverbs and ethical maxims) composed in the second century B.
does not consider the Jewish Wisdom texts of the late Second Temple period (including Ben Sira and the Wisdom of Solomon) in his comments on dating Qoheleth or in his general consideration of its contents.
Ben Sira advocates a similar posture, and the second-century Hasidim in the time of Judah Maccabee seem to have followed an agenda with an intensive Jewish focus.