Benavides, Manuel Dominguez

Benavides, Manuel Dominguez


Born Apr. 20, 1895, in Puenteareas, Galicia; died 1947, in Mexico. Spanish writer. A Communist from 1946.

Benavides’ works, the novel The Complaint (1922) and others, were devoted to the fate of the intelligentsia. The satirical novel The Last Pirate of the Mediterranean Sea (1934; Russian translation, 1936) exposed the policy of the ruling classes and the corruption of the Spanish administrative apparatus. In 1934 he was arrested. Later he emigrated to France, where he completed his journalistic account of the uprising of the Asturian mountaineers, That Is How the Revolution Happened (1935; Russian translation of excerpts, 1936). During the national revolutionary war of the Spanish people he wrote the satirical chronicles Priests and Beggars (1936) and Europe’s Crime (1937). In 1939 he emigrated to Mexico, where he published fictionalized journalistic reports on the national revolutionary war, such as New Prophets (1942) and I Am From the Fifth Regiment (1947).


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