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Benedict, writing for the winning side, wrote what is considered by many as the most influential and accurate interpretation of Japanese culture written, a book called "The Chrysanthemum and the Sword."
BENEDICT Allen - one of the world's most renowned adventurerexplorers - will be visiting Loughborough next week as part of his live UK tour.
ROME -- Ever since Pope Benedict XVI became the first pontiff in six centuries to abdicate the papacy, transitioning to a life of near seclusion in a Vatican City monastery, there have been questions about how the notion of two living popes would impact the Roman Catholic Church.
1ATONEMENT (2006) THIS early role saw Benedict playing an upper class cad in the adaptation of Ian McEwan's best-selling novel about a young girl who misinterprets an encounter between two lovers, with tragic consequences.
EUROPEAN eagle owl chick Benedict has been making himself at home at a keeper's house as part of the hand-rearing process.
Benedict Allen, who has made six BBC series on his adventures, was dropped by helicopter three weeks ago with no phone or GPS in a remote area of Papua New Guinea, home to what is believed to be the last surviving cannibal tribe.
For centuries, people within and outside Christianity have turned to the writings of Benedict of Nursia, a sixth-century monk committed to shaping a life of humility and compassion, to guide their spiritual lives.
When Pope Benedict XVI stunned the world in 2013 by announcing the first papal resignation in 600 years, speculation about his motivations ran wild.
ROME * Retired Pope Benedict XVI says he did not expect to be elected to lead the Catholic church following the 2005 death of his predecessor Pope John Paul n but felt compelled to accept the papacy as a duty to the cardinals who voted for him.
POSH actor Benedict Cumberbath has promised to appear in EastEnders.
DAZZLING roles as geeky scientists have shown Hollywood that posh Brits Eddie Redmayne and Benedict Cumberbatch have magical chemistry.
English actress Sophie Turner was stunned when congratulatory messages flooded on Twitter because some users mistook her as the fiancee of "Sherlock" actor Benedict Cumberbatch.