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Benefic (Benefic Aspects; Benefic Planets)

(religion, spiritualism, and occult)

Benefic is a traditional term that, after falling into disuse among modern astrologers, has experienced a revival with the renewed interest in classical astrology. It refers to aspects and planets regarded as having a fortunate, harmonious influence. Benefic aspects are angles such as trines and sextiles (often called soft aspects by current astrologers) and planets such as Venus (the Lesser Benefic) and Jupiter (the Greater Benefic). The antonym of benefic is malefic.

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All of the participants in the BENEFIC trial underwent brain PET scanning for both glucose and ketone uptake.
The benefic deceit is met in family; using it, its members can overcome the complexities of daily life, and the children's education knows the benefic fraud, too.
Tacrolimus and pimecrolimus are representative for the topical calcineurin inhibitors, and they have benefic effects compared to the standard therapy.
Therefore, the BFT technology in aquaculture can be environmentally benefic by producing cleaner effluents, especially less ammonia.
Extended photoperiod has a benefic impact on growth rate and differential gene expression compared to those reared under natural photoperiod.
The general concept of trans fatty acids refers to a nonbeneficial effects on human health with blood lipid effects, inhibition of hepatic enzymes, challenge on fluidity of cell membrane, and arteriogenic potential, with exception of the endogenous precursor of CLA, the CLA and its isomers which have benefic effects related to immunoestimulating, antimutagenesis, and antioxidant activities (Ip, 1997).
Among physiological parameters with a benefic potential in endurance sports performance, the maximum oxygen consumption (V[O.
The systemic method proved a benefic role in the therapeutic management of the post-hospital phase for patients with alcohol dependence when associated with standard therapy.
Changes in the approach would also be benefic for companies that want to extend to developing economies.
On the other side, the industry's calculated efficiency index suggest that the tourism generates benefic effects, more at a socio-economic level (employment), than purely at an economic level (added value, GDP).
Nevertheless, amino acids may act as precursors of a class of compounds, named bioactive amines, which are not so benefic to wine quality.
Due to the complexity of its composition, benefic reactions and some possible adverse effects, propolis provides a wide and challenging field for research and for the understanding of its effects.