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(bĕng-gä'lo͞oro͞o`), formerly


(băng-gəlôr`), city (1991 pop. 2,651,000; metropolitan area 4,130,288), capital of KarnatakaKarnataka
, formerly Mysore
, state (2001 provisional pop. 52,733,958), 74,122 sq mi (191,976 sq km), SW India, bordering on the Arabian Sea. It is bordered on the north by the states of Goa and Maharashtra, on the east by Telangana and Andhra Pradesh, on the south by
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 state, S central India, 3,000 ft (914 m) above sea level. A major industrial and transportation area of S India, Bengaluru is the economically vibrant center of India's high-technology sector, including computer, biotechnology, and aircraft industries as well as international telecommunications services. The city is also an important Indian design center, and the Indian Space Research Organization has its headquarters there. Well-planned, with numerous parks and wide streets, Bengaluru is a famous retirement place because of its mild climate.

It was founded in 1537, taken by Haidar AliHaidar Ali
or Hyder Ali
, 1722–82, Indian ruler. A Muslim of peasant stock, he rose by military brilliance to command the army of the Hindu state of Mysore.
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 (c.1760), but restored to the original rulers of Bengaluru after the British defeated Tippoo SahibTippoo Sahib
or Tipu Sahib
, 1749–99, Indian ruler, sultan of Mysore (1782–99); son and successor of Haidar Ali. He fought in his father's campaigns against the Marathas and the British but, after his succession, made peace with the British in 1784.
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, the son of Haidar Ali, at Shrirangapatna in 1799. As Bangalore it was British India's military and civil administrative station from 1831 to 1881. The remains of the palace of Tippoo Sahib and several institutes of learning, notably the Indian Institute of Science, are outstanding landmarks. The city was renamed from Bangalore, the anglicized version of the local name, to Bengaluru (sometimes spelled Bengalooru) in 2006, but the central government did not approve the change until 2014.

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