Benjamin Franklin National Memorial

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Benjamin Franklin National Memorial

Address:The Franklin Institute
222 N 20th St
Philadelphia, PA 19103

Size: 0.01 acres.
Established: Designated on October 25, 1972. Owned and administered by the Franklin Institute.
Location:In the rotunda of The Franklin Institute Science Museum in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
Special Features:Memorial Hall features a 20-foot-high marble statue of of Franklin, by James Earle Fraser, honors the inventor-statesman. The statue weighs 30 tons and sits on a 92-ton pedestal of white Seravezza marble. Memorial Hall also houses many of Franklin's original possessions, including his composing table and several of his original publications.

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He and 10 other medalists will be honored April 17 at a black-tie ceremony in the Rotunda of the Benjamin Franklin National Memorial in The Franklin Institute.
The Franklin Institute is so very important," said the governor in his address to the 680 scientists and dignitaries seated in the institute's Benjamin Franklin National Memorial.
Located prominently at 20th Street and Benjamin Franklin Parkway, the museum is home to the Benjamin Franklin National Memorial, the Fels Planetarium and the Tuttleman Omniverse Theater.

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