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Hooks, Benjamin Lawson,

1925–2010, African-American civil-rights leader, b. Memphis, Tenn. In 1972 President NixonNixon, Richard Milhous,
1913–94, 37th President of the United States (1969–74), b. Yorba Linda, Calif. Political Career to 1968

A graduate of Whittier College and Duke law school, he practiced law in Whittier, Calif.
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 named Hooks, a lawyer, Baptist minister, and former Tennessee county criminal court judge (1965–68), to the Federal Communications CommissionFederal Communications Commission
(FCC), independent executive agency of the U.S. government established in 1934 to regulate interstate and foreign communications in the public interest.
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, making him its first black member. From 1977 to 1993 he was the executive director of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored PeopleNational Association for the Advancement of Colored People
(NAACP), organization composed mainly of American blacks, but with many white members, whose goal is the end of racial discrimination and segregation.
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. During his tenure, the NAACP focused largely on trying to preserve what had been gained in the face of a growing conservative reaction to the civil-rights reforms of the 1960 and 70s; it also suffered a membership decline. After his retirement he taught at Fisk Univ. and the Univ. of Memphis.
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Jesse Jackson through her father, and worked with Maxine Smith and NAACP leader Benjamin Hooks. At Tennessee State, she became president of her sorority.
"But I have nothing but contempt for people like Williams and his collaboration with the conservatives." Benjamin Hooks, then executive director of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, was just as ugly, describing black libertarians like Williams as "a new breed of Uncle Tom."
Benjamin Hooks, who helped a struggling NAACP rebound during the late 1970s and '80s, died April 15.
Location: Benjamin Hooks Central Library at 3030 Poplar Ave, Memphis, Tenn.
Benjamin Hooks, former executive director and CEO of the NAACP, and is co-chaired by former HUD Secretary Jack Kemp.
But the Black community has not shared in the city's economic prosperity as equitably as it should have, say many city leaders, including Benjamin Hooks, an attorney and minister who was the first Black appointed to a judgeship in Memphis.
Political Science hosts a Civil Rights History Day for 700 6th grade students in which Benjamin Hooks shares his experiences and meets the students.
Benjamin Hooks, a noted civil rights leader, recently stated, "Diversity will be the dominant issue of the 21st century." One of the major challenges of the new century is to build a profession that can effectively serve as the connecting link between our citizens and the rule of law.
From this point on, Banner-Haley authoritatively presents the philosophies of a host of other black notables such as Benjamin Hooks, Louis Farrakhan, E.
Benjamin Hooks were (54 and 52) when they were named to head the organization.