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Spock, Benjamin McLane,

1903–98, American author and pediatrician, b. New Haven, Conn., educ. Yale (B.A., 1925) and Columbia Univ. College of Physicians and Surgeons (M.D., 1929). In 1946, Dr. Spock published The Common Sense Book of Baby and Child Care (later Baby and Child Care), offering parents and child-care personnel authoritative scientific and pediatric information on the care and upbringing of children, while dispelling many of the pejorative and oppressive methods of the past. The book has been a best seller for years. He was professor of child development at Western Reserve Univ.) from 1955 until 1967, when he resigned to devote himself to the campaign against the Vietnam WarVietnam War,
conflict in Southeast Asia, primarily fought in South Vietnam between government forces aided by the United States and guerrilla forces aided by North Vietnam. The war began soon after the Geneva Conference provisionally divided (1954) Vietnam at 17° N lat.
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. In 1972 he was the presidential candidate of the People's Party, a coalition of pacifists and populists. Among his other writings are A Baby's First Year (1954), Feeding Your Baby and Child (1955), Decent and Indecent (1970), and Raising Children in a Difficult Time (1974, rev. ed. 1985).


See his autobiography (1989); biographies by L. Z. Bloom (1972) and T. Maier (1998).

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Perhaps the most sympathetic figure in the book is one of the least outrageous: Benjamin Spock, the child-care icon who enjoyed unrivaled popularity in the 1950s.
Benjamin Spock and DC Statehood Party founder Julius Hobson heading the ticket.
Famous volunteers with Frontier College include a young Norman Bethune in 1911 and Benjamin Spock (who worked on a mil gang near Kenora, Ontario) in 1926.
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Grant answers these questions using numerous sources -- including the minutes of assorted child study groups, the papers of the American Association of University Women, and letters from mothers to pediatrician Benjamin Spock -- and the answers, she argues, are yes, yes, yes, and yes.
Benjamin Spock, physicians with expertise in childhood nutrition are denouncing the famous author's parting recommendation that children above age 2 consume a vegetarian diet devoid of milk and dairy products.
SPOCK'S BABY AND CHILD CARE, Seventh Edition By Benjamin Spock, M.
Scanning the index, I imagine that the authors were delighted with a number of their 70 respondents: Isabel Allende, Mario Cuomo, Jesse Jackson, Norman Lear, Rosa Parks, Benjamin Spock, and John Updike.
Benjamin Spock, the child-care expert, and a group called the Physicians Committee on Responsible Medicine called a press conference to announce that cow's milk was bad for children and should not be recommended in U.
In many respects, Winnicott was to the British what Benjamin Spock has been to Americans.
I cherish a memory of Benjamin Spock surrounded by reporters in 1968, not long after our indictment for conspiracy to violate the draft law, patiently answering the same questions he was always asked.
Benjamin Spock empowered parents to trust themselves, by giving them simple, expert advice and reassuring them that common sense plays an important role in parenting.