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(organic chemistry)
C6H5SH A toxic, fire-hazardous, water-white liquid with a disagreeable aroma, insoluble in water, soluble in alcohol and ether, boils at 168°C; used to make pharmaceuticals. Also known as phenyl mercaptan.
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any of several organic compounds that contain a mercapto group (—SH) at the carbon atom of the aromatic ring; thiophenols are colorless, high-boiling liquids with an unpleasant odor. Thiophenols are insoluble in water but soluble in most organic solvents. The simplest thiophenol is thiophenol (phenyl mercaptan), C6H5SH, which boils at 169°C. Thiophenols are obtained by the reduction of diaryl disulfides, ArS—SAr, as well as by other methods. They are used in the synthesis of dyes and polymers, as inhibitors of radical reactions, and as stabilizers and other additives to synthetic rubbers.

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Synthesis of 2-{[(Z)-Phenyl (Pyridine-2-yl) Methylidene] Amino} Benzenethiol (HL) Ligand.
The mononuclear complexes were prepared in high yield by reacting copper(II) salt with 2-{[(Z)-phenyl (pyridine-2-yl) methylidene] amino} benzenethiol and monodentate ligands in 1 : 1 molar ratio to give complexes of general composition [Cu (A) (B)].
The 2-{[(Z)-phenyl (pyridine-2-yl) methylidene] amino} benzenethiol (HL) ligand was prepared by refluxing equimolar quantities of phenyl (pyridine-2-yl) methanone and 2-aminobenzenethiol in ethanol for 4h at 60[degrees]C.
The formation of the Schiff base, 2-{[(Z)-phenyl (pyridine-2-yl) methylidene] amino} benzenethiol, was noted from the absence of C=O and N[H.sub.2] peaks in the ligand.
These higher values may be due to the strong ligand field created by the tridentate Schiff base 2-{[(Z)phenyl (pyridine-2-yl) methylidene] amino} benzenethiol ligand which opposes the interaction of the complexes copper with the superoxide radical and another important factor is the ability of the ligand to accommodate the reduced copper(I) centre in a tetrahedral-like or linear environment.