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(organic chemistry)
C3H4N2 One of a group of organic heterocyclic compounds containing a five-membered diunsaturated ring with two nonadjacent nitrogen atoms as part of the ring; the particular compound imidazole is a member of the group.



(glyoxaline, 1,3-diazole) a heterocyclic base. Colorless crystals; boiling point, 256°C. Imidazole is readily soluble i n water and alcohol and moderately soluble in ether. It is aromatic, that is, readily undergoes halogenation, nitration, and sulfonation. The hydrogen of the NH group can be replaced by alkyl by the action of, for example, dimethylsulfate. Imidazole is prepared by reacting glyoxalwith ammonia and formaldehyde. Its derivatives (histamin, histidine, carnosine, pilocarpine) are widely distributed in the animal and plant worlds and have important biological significance. [10–416-6 ]

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E ivermectina benzimidazoles levamisol 1 34,0 94,0 100 2 21,2 91,2 96,2 3 34,9 91,8 99,9 4 37,2 72,4 99,3 Tabla 2.
Then, the obtained trisacetyl gallic acid (2) was refluxed for 3 hours in thionyl chloride (SOCl2) with the aid of dimethyl formamide (DMF) to prepare the trisacetyl galloyl chloride (3) that can efficiently react with 2-substituted phenoxymethyl benzimidazoles (6)[49,50] in the presence of triethylamine as the acid binding agent.
Seven benzimidazole pesticides combined at sub-threshold levels induce micronuclei in vitro.
The present paper describes the synthesis of a poly(1,3,4-oxadiazole-ether) that comprises carboxylic acid moiety (Figure 1) and its respective benzimidazole derivatives, afforded by polyphosphoric acid condensation with o-phenylene diamine at different mass percentages with respect to the virgin polymer.
2006) studied the b-tubulin genes from sensitive and resistance fungi against the benzimidazole fungicides and reported a single mutation in b-tubulin genes of both the tolerant and the sensitive isolates.
Entre los fungicidas disponibles actualmente en el ambito mundial, los mas utilizados forman parte de los siguientes grupos quimicos: ditiocarbamatos, clorotalonil, benzimidazoles, morfolinas, triazoles, inhibidores (DMI) y estrobirulinas.
It played a great role for the synthesis of biologically active heterocycles such as benzimidazoles [17], quinoxalines [18] and functionalization of 4,5-diaminopyrazoles [19].
The molecule is from a class of compounds called benzimidazoles, known to stop the production of viral proteins in infected human cells.
Human toxicity to benzimidazoles is relatively low due to the poor systematic absorption, however its efficacy is not in dispute.
Para su control se han utilizado basicamente fungicidas a base de benzimidazoles, principalmente thiabendazol, ya sea solo o en combinacion con agua caliente; sin embargo, la efectividad del tratamiento resulta limitada debido a los problemas de resistencia presentados hacia el producto (Gutierrez et al.