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an urban-type settlement; administrative center of Shamshadinskii Raion, Armenian SSR. Located on the Tavush River (a tributary of the Kura), 28 km southwest of the Tauz railroad station (on the Tbilisi-Baku line). Population, 7,200 (1968). There is a winery, dairy, and toy plants, and a logging and timber distribution establishment.



a river, mainly in Novosibirsk Oblast, RSFSR; right tributary of the Ob’. Empties into the Novosibirsk Reservoir, whose head of water stretches 40 km to the village of Iskitim. Length, 363 km; basin area, 8,650 sq km. It rises on the western slopes of the Salair Ridge. The Berd’ flows in a broad valley; its bed is meandering. It is fed by snow and rain. The annual average water discharge is 45.8 m3/sec at Iskitim. The river freezes over in early November and opens up in mid-April. It is used for floating logs. The city of Berdsk is located on the lower course of the Berd’.

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David Berd, an oncologist at Thomas Jefferson University in Philadelphia, injected 24 patients who had metastatic melanoma with pieces of their own tumors coated with the immune-system sensitizing agent dinitrophenyl.
Total quantity or scope of tender: It is expected that the BErd will require the translation of about 3,000 words per week on average, although there will be significant variations from week to week.
In 2006, BERD expenditure for Wales was pounds 222m, a fall of 7% since 2005.
Avec le printemps arabe, la BERD a ainsi souhaite s'impliquer en Afrique du Nord pour assister les Etats dans leur transition.
Selon des statistiques rendues publiques lors des reunions annuelles de la BERD, qui se tiennent les 10 et 11 a Istanbul, le Maroc arrive en tete avec un taux de croissance economique de 5 pc, suivi par la Tunisie (3,8 pc), la Jordanie (3 pc) et l'Egypte (2 pc).
The Assembly Government's statistical release said, "The BERD expenditure series for Wales is therefore quite volatile and so a longer-term perspective is of interest.
David Berd participated in an international investigators meeting in Lyon, France that was sponsored by GROUPO FERRER, S.
Le ministre a saisi l'occasion des Assemblees annuelles de la BERD pour souligner les domaines oE le Maroc souhaite un accompagnement de la BERD, toute en mettant l'accent sur l'importance que cet accompagnement se fasse en phase avec la politique gouvernementale qui vise a batir une croissance economique soutenable et solidaire.
Les reunions annuelles de la BERD, qui se tiennent pour la premiere fois en dehors de la region d'activite traditionnelle de la Banque, celle des pays post-communistes, focalisent sur les defis economiques et de transition dans les zones d'actions de la Banque, avec un accent particulier sur les regions du Moyen-Orient et d'Afrique du Nord, qui connaissent des changements profonds sur tous les plans suite au Printemps arabe.
Between 2003 and 2004, BERD expenditure in the UK decreased by 3% in real terms to pounds 13.
Contract Award Notice: The BErd are looking to develop and create resources for use in the Gaelic early years~ sector.