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an urban-type settlement; administrative center of Shamshadinskii Raion, Armenian SSR. Located on the Tavush River (a tributary of the Kura), 28 km southwest of the Tauz railroad station (on the Tbilisi-Baku line). Population, 7,200 (1968). There is a winery, dairy, and toy plants, and a logging and timber distribution establishment.



a river, mainly in Novosibirsk Oblast, RSFSR; right tributary of the Ob’. Empties into the Novosibirsk Reservoir, whose head of water stretches 40 km to the village of Iskitim. Length, 363 km; basin area, 8,650 sq km. It rises on the western slopes of the Salair Ridge. The Berd’ flows in a broad valley; its bed is meandering. It is fed by snow and rain. The annual average water discharge is 45.8 m3/sec at Iskitim. The river freezes over in early November and opens up in mid-April. It is used for floating logs. The city of Berdsk is located on the lower course of the Berd’.

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In contrast, the BERD expenditure for Wales was PS457m, an increase of 3.9% on the previous year.
ICT sector BERD is concentrated in a small number of countries (Figure 1): 42% of total ICT sector BERD is made in the United States.
Whether the BERD is unknown (as in 1970) or preannounced (as in 2014), the emotions follow a similar pattern.
Les deux parties ont egalement evoque l'accord de siege de la Banque et la question de la ratification de la decision d'elargissement du mandat de la BERD a quatre pays du sud et de l'est de la Mediterranee, le Maroc, l'Egypte, la Jordanie et la Tunisie, en l'occurrence.
D'ailleurs, le porte-parole de la delegation de la BERD a indique que la Banque est prete a debloquer une somme estimee a 1 milliard d'euros une fois la decision d'investir dans l'Axe du Canal prise.
David Berd, an oncologist at Thomas Jefferson University in Philadelphia, injected 24 patients who had metastatic melanoma with pieces of their own tumors coated with the immune-system sensitizing agent dinitrophenyl.
Armenian armed forces, located in Shavarshavan, Voskevan villages and on nameless hills in Noyemberyan region, in Mosesgekh village of Berd region, and on nameless hills in Krasnoselsk region subjected to fire the positions of the Azerbaijan Army located in Gushchu Ayrim, Mazam villages and on nameless hills in Gazakh region, in Aghdam village of Tovuz region, and on nameless hills in Gadabay region.
Marie Alexandra Veilleux Laborie, directrice BERD Maroc
La BERD a accorde son second de pret en faveur du secteur du credit-bail tunisien, en octroyant une ligne de 10 millions d'euros qui aidera les petites entreprises a acceder a des financements dans un marche ou la situation est encore difficile, indique un communique.