Berezovskii, Feoktist

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Berezovskii, Feoktist Alekseevich


Born Jan. 1 (13), 1877, in Omsk; died Apr. 6, 1952, in Moscow. Soviet Russian writer. Communist Party member from 1904. Born into the family of a worker.

Berezovskii participated in the revolutionary movement and was subjected to repressions. In 1918 he fought in the Civil War in Siberia and then was engaged in Party and Soviet work. He began publishing in 1900. Berezovskii was one of the founders of the magazine Sibirskie ogni. His sketches The Taiga Pioneers (1926) depict episodes from the railroad workers’ revolutionary struggle in 1905. The novella The Mother (1923) and the novel A Woman’s Path (1928) depict the life path of a woman who frees herself of religious and social prejudices and joins the revolutionary struggle. Berezovskii’s work reflects the experience of the revolutionary struggle and a knowledge of the people’s life. He was awarded the Order of the Red Banner of Labor.


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