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Great Berkhampstead

(both: bûrk`əmstĕd, bärk`–), town (1991 pop. 15,382), Hertfordshire, central England. Berkhamstead is mainly residential but has clothing, timber, and chemical industries. It is the site of an 11th-century royal castle in which Edgar AthelingEdgar Atheling
[O.E. ætheling,=son of the king], 1060?–1125?, English prince, grandson of Edmund Ironside. After the death of King Harold at the battle of Hastings in 1066, Edgar was chosen king, but he submitted to William I in the same year.
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, a claimant to the throne, submitted to William the Conqueror; Thomas à Becket lived in the castle, and Henry II held court there. John II of France was briefly imprisoned in the castle after the battle of Poitiers (1356) in the Hundred Years War. The poet William CowperCowper, William
, 1731–1800, English poet. Physically and emotionally unfit for the professional life, he was admitted to the bar but never practiced. After a battle with insanity, Cowper retired to the country, taking refuge with the family of Mrs.
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 was born in Berkhamstead. The town has a remaining 16th-century grammar school.
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Ms Bedford added that Loder, who also lives with his parents in Berkhamstead, is of good character and has no previous convictions.
Hilary, from Berkhamstead, Herts, who worked in a tool hire firm, said: "There are two sets of retired people - one lot just sit around and get ill and the others get out and achieve things." Syd added: "Anybody sitting on a settee, get off your backside."
Richard Bradford, owner at Porters Restaurant and Bar in Berkhamstead, was among those commenting on the Facebook post, saying: "Everyone has a huge problem with no shows wherever your restaurant is situated, it is dreadfully inconsiderate behaviour by the British public, who probably don't realise the harm that they are causing, and there is no easy solution."
Mr Harris is believed to have a fortune of PS680million and lives in a PS1.8million home in Berkhamstead, Herts.
We ate in a coffee shop and were soon following the canal as it began its lock by lock ascent into the wooded hills, and forward to picturesque Berkhamstead.
Suddenly aged 77 years in Berkhamstead, Hertfordshire, formerly of Mary Road, Bootle.
The communities that the relay passed through are: Stoke Mandeville, Aylesbury, Western Turville, Aston Clinton, Tring, Berkhamstead, Bourne End, Watford, Bushey, Harrow, Brent, Barnet, Westminster, Camden, Lambeth, City of London, Tower Hamlets, Southwark, Lewisham, Greenwich, Hackney, Waltham Forest, Barking & Dagenham and Newham.
In the early years of the twentieth century, two of Benjamin's grandsons, the brothers Charles and Edward, were living in Berkhamstead, Hertfordshire.
Henry Lascelles, who represented Northallerton, vacated that seat by accepting "the Office of Chief Steward and Keeper of the Courts of the Honour of Berkhamstead, and of the Manor, Lordship, and Town of Berkhamstead," (91) a post similar to the stewardship of the Chiltern Hundreds.