Berlin Conference of 1954

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Berlin Conference of 1954


a four-power conference of the ministers of foreign affairs of the USSR, the USA, France, and Great Britain; it was held from January 25 to February 18.

According to the proposal of the USSR delegation, the following questions were included on the agenda: (1) measures for reducing tension in international relations and the convocation of a conference of ministers of foreign affairs of France, Great Britain, the USA, the USSR, and the Chinese People’s Republic; (2) the German question and the problems of ensuring European security; (3) the Austrian state treaty.

On the first question an accord was reached on promoting a successful solution of the disarmament problem, or at least a considerable arms reduction. However, the Western powers rejected the USSR proposal for convocation of a world conference in 1954 on general arms reduction. The participants in the conference agreed to call a conference of representatives of the USSR, the USA, France, Great Britain, and the Chinese People’s Republic in Geneva on Apr. 26, 1954. Other interested states would be invited to participate. The aims of the conference would be a peaceful settlement of the Korean question and the restoration of peace in Indochina.

During the discussion of the second point the USSR submitted several proposals on the German question that were intended to prevent a revival of German militarism and to ensure a peaceful and democratic development in Germany (proposals on preparing a peace treaty with Germany, calling a peace conference, forming a provisional all-German government, and so forth). The USSR also submitted the proposal “On Ensuring Security in Europe” and a draft of the “All-European Treaty on Collective Security in Europe.” However, all these proposals were rejected.

The Western powers also opposed the adoption of a joint decision to conclude a state treaty on the restoration of an independent and democratic Austria.


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