Berlin Decree

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Berlin Decree,

1806, decree issued in Berlin by Napoleon I on Nov. 21 in answer to the British blockade. Claiming that the British blockade of purely commercial ports was contrary to international law, Napoleon retaliated by declaring the British Isles under blockade and forbidding any trade to or from them. The Berlin Decree initiated the Continental SystemContinental System,
scheme of action adopted by Napoleon I in his economic warfare with England from 1806 to 1812. Economic warfare had been carried on before 1806, but the system itself was initiated by the Berlin Decree, which claimed that the British blockade of purely
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Britain has had problems dealing with Europe ever since the early 1800s, when Napoleon used the Berlin Decree (1806) to blockade British exports to European countries.
In retaliation France issued the Berlin Decree, which put the British under blockade.
In Berlin, Napoleon issued the Berlin Decree, which was designed to put an end to all trade between Europe and Great Britain.
21 Napoleon responded with the Berlin Decree, which declared the British Isles under blockade.
1806 Napoleon Bonaparte of France issues Berlin Decrees, declaring blockade of Britain.
A protestant priest in Berlin decrees that a Christian who employs a Jew will be banished from his parish.

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