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berliner, palladiana

A type of terrazzo topping using small and large pieces of marble paving, usually with a standard terrazzo matrix between pieces.
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The infamous Berlin gene -- the both hated and loved Berliner Schnauze -- wouldn't allow it.
Its exploration of the consequences of Allied strategic bombing on Berliners usefully balances studies of the strategic utility of bombing by illuminating the perspective of the victims of such bombing.
Kennedy thus had it both ways: he succeeded in convincing Berliners he was one of them but reiterated his policy of detente with the Soviet Union.
Today, in the world of freedom, the proudest boast is 'Ich bin ein Berliner.
Swett's most challenging argument is that the often violent attempts of ordinary Berliners to defend or re-assert both real and symbolic control over their own neighborhoods during the Depression, helped to pave the way for Hitler's triumph in 1933.
If other Germans talked about foreigners the disparaging way they do about Berliners, they would, Maron contends, be accused of discriminating against a minority (the way Berliners speak of Saxons?
But Berliners have not moved there, and all the flats are empty.
Interestingly, the best wall within the Mies van der Rohe building housing the Nationalgalerie was devoted not--as might have been expected--to the Leipzig artists Bernhard Heisig and Werner Tubke but to the presentation of three paintings by Berliner Harald Metzkes.
Now that he's mayor, Wowereit hopes the media and his fellow Berliners will turn their focus from his sexual orientation to the issues at hand, not the least of which is approximately a $30 billion city debt.
The initial range features a selection of premium quality bread and doughnut base mixes; Combicorn; Pom-Frisch; Rustikal Boehringer; and Berliner Boehringer, which are now available.
Two nights ago I had the pleasure of attending the Berliner Sinfonie-Orchester at the newly refurbished Konzert Haus in East Berlin.