Bern Convention

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Bern Convention:

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right granted by statute to the author or originator of certain literary, artistic, and musical productions whereby for a limited period of time he or she controls the use of the product.
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The regulatory framework of the Bern Convention on the Conservation of European Wildlife and Natural Habitats also prompted biologists and others to search for a measure of viability.
Mark Jones, vet and executive director for HSI UK said the groups were taking their challenge to the Bern Convention with evidence to show badger culling was "potentially very bad news for the wider ecosystem".
A group of experts of the Bern Convention met in February 2012 in Strasbourg and submitted a report on the Khosrov Forest.
"The Bern Convention clearly requires that controlling badgers must not result in serious disturbance to their populations.
The ban is imposed under the Bern Convention on the Conservation of European Wildlife and Natural Habitats.
These included the decision by the standing committee bureau for the Bern Convention, the European body responsible for wildlife, to disregard the Badger Trust's complaint over the inclusion of badger culling in Wales within the 2010 UK TB Eradication Plan - a plan that has been approved by the European Commission.
It will argue the action is inconsistent with both the Animal Health Act and the Bern Convention on the Conservation of European Wildlife.
By signing, on 12 April 1999 in Bern (Switzerland), a new convention to protect the Rhine, the five states along the river (Switzerland, France, Germany, Luxembourg and the Netherlands) and the European Commission formally committed themselves to protecting the Rhine and its clean characteristics, its banks and its alluvial zones by strengthening cooperation that started more than 30 years ago (the first Bern convention or agreement regarding the International Commission to Protect the Rhine from Pollution dates back to 1963).
New Bern Convention Center, New Bern, North Carolina, USA.
Title 4 requires the Member States to properly implement the 1971 Paris Act, the Bern Convention for the Protection of Literary and Artistic Works, the WTO agreement on the Trade-Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights (TRIPS), and the WIPO Copyright Treaty.