Bernard de Jussieu

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Jussieu, Bernard de


Born Aug. 17, 1669, in Lyon; died Nov. 6, 1777, in Paris. French botanist. Member of the Paris Academy of Sciences (1739). Juissieu founded a botanical garden in the Trianon at Versailles in 1758, arranging the plants according to a natural system that was elaborated and published after his death by A. L. de Jussieu. Jussieu’s public lectures stimulated interest in botany.

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Michel Adanson (1727-1806), was a Provencal philosopher and botanist who studied under Bernard de Jussieu. Dissatisfied with learning from books, he received a wise recommendation: "Now that you have learnt to study the works of men, you can study the works of nature." When he was 20 years old he traveled to Senegal and started his long career of botanical observations--a career that led to his entry into the Academie Francaise when he was only 30.