Bernardakes, Dimitrios

Bernardakes, Dimitrios


Born 1833, on the island of Lesvos; died there in 1907. Greek writer and philologist; professor at the University of Athens.

Bernardakes wrote his dramas in the literary Katharevusa language. After his romantic tragedies Maria Doxapatre (1858) and Kipselidai (1860), Bernardakes wrote the anti-tyrannical tragedy Merope (1866), which bears witness to the author’s turn toward classicism. The plays Ephrosine (1876) and Faust (1893) were based on historical plots. The last plays written by Bernardakes were Antiope (1896) and Nikiphor Phoka (1905). His creative work influenced the development of Greek theater during the second half of the 19th century. Bernardakes also wrote A Criticism of Pseudo-Atticism (1884).


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