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Berrigan brothers

(bĕr`ĭgən), American Catholic priests, writers, and social activists. Daniel Berrigan, 1921–2016, b. Syracuse, N.Y., was ordained in the Society of Jesus (Jesuits) in 1952. Travels in France exposed him to the worker-priest movement, and after teaching at secondary schools and at LeMoyne College (1957–63), he devoted himself in the 1960s to civil rights and antipoverty work, eventually becoming a leading activist against U.S. involvement in the Vietnam WarVietnam War,
conflict in Southeast Asia, primarily fought in South Vietnam between government forces aided by the United States and guerrilla forces aided by North Vietnam. The war began soon after the Geneva Conference provisionally divided (1954) Vietnam at 17° N lat.
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. His poetry had meanwhile appeared in several volumes, including Time without Number (1957). He ultimately wrote more than 50 books, and also taught at Fordham and other universities. Philip Francis Berrigan, 1923–2002, b. Two Harbors, Minn., served in Europe in World War II, grad. from Holy Cross College (1950), and was ordained (1955) in the Josephite order. After holding pastoral and teaching positions, in the 1960s he turned to peace activism.

In 1968 the Berrigans and seven others were arrested for destroying Selective Service files in Catonsville, Md., in an antiwar protest. While in hiding after their conviction, Daniel published a play, The Trial of the Catonsville 9 (1970). Both Berrigans served prison terms. Philip secretly married Sister Elizabeth McAlister, a fellow activist; the couple were later excommunicated. After being paroled in 1972, both brothers continued their involvement in such actions as "Plowshares" protests at weapons plants. They were repeatedly arrested and imprisoned, and continued to write prolifically.


See Daniel Berrigan's autobiographical To Dwell in Peace (1987), Night Flight to Hanoi (1968), The Dark Night of Resistance (1971), and his prison memoir, Lights On in the House of the Dead (1974); J. Dear, ed., Daniel Berrigan: Essential Writings (2009); Philip Berrigan's autobiographical Fighting the Lamb's War (1997), Prison Journals of a Revolutionary Priest (1970), and Widen the Prison Gates (1973). See also biography of Daniel by R. Curtis (1974); S. Halpert and T. Murray, eds., Witness of the Berrigans (1972); M. Polner and J. O'Grady, Disarmed and Dangerous (1997).

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It's capable of turning a system on and off, and it can also collect data from a sensor and retain it in memory," said Berrigan.
It was actually on the twenty-fifth anniversary of Bonhoeffer's death by hanging in the Nazi prison of Flossenberg, that Berrigan went openly missing in 1970.
The fidelity and unwavering commitment of Berrigan inspired me that night.
For those who followed the lives of the Berrigan brothers, whether as admirers and supporters or as critics who saw their protests as capers and street theater, the letters serve as backdrops to their prehensile ministry that included faith-based service and writing.
In 1968, for example, a year characterised by not-so-decorous disruptions by peace activists, that included the massive protests outside the Democratic National Convention in Chicago and the takeover by students of Columbia University in New York, Father Berrigan, accompanied by his brother, Father Philip Berrigan, along with seven other anti-war activists, entered the Selective Services office, in Cantonville, Maryland, gathered hundreds of draft files, took them outside, and burned them to ashes.
Neither Hanh nor Berrigan spent much time in the same kind of academic setting in which Strain and his presumed audience live and breathe and have their being.
Because Berrigan opposed the war in Vietnam, a Marxist state, his resistance took on a controversial political dimension.
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