Berwick, The Vampire of

Berwick, The Vampire of

(pop culture)

Among the incidents of vampirism reported by William of Newburgh in his Chronicles, completed in 1196 C.E., was the case of the Berwick vampire. The subject of the account was a rather wealthy man who lived in the twelfth century in the town of Berwick in the northern part of England near the Scottish border. After his death, the townspeople reported seeing his body roaming through the streets at night keeping the dogs howling far into the evening. Fearful that a plague (associated with such revenants in popular lore) might attack the population, the townspeople decided to dismember the body and burn it. That action having been accomplished, the body no longer appeared in town; however, a disease did sweep through the town causing many deaths that were attributed to the after-effects of the vampire’s presence.


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