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Especially since World War II, the pegmatites of the state of Minas Gerais have yielded some of the world's finest specimens of topaz, chrysoberyl, euclase, elbaite, and beryl (in all of its colored varieties); phosphate-rich pegmatites of the same state have furnished the world's finest specimens of brazilianite, beryllonite, eosphorite, hydroxylherderite, amblygonite and more; complex pegmatites of other kinds have provided cassiterite, xenotime, monazite and several rare-earth species; Brazilian specimens of titanite, phenakite, fluorapatite, kyanite, scheelite, spessartine and bertrandite are among the world's very best.
com), whose room at the InnSuites also harbored some superb hydroxylherderites from Pakistan, as well as some noteworthy hambergite and beryllonite specimens.
Ample, brilliantly lighted display cases of different configurations showed off aquamarine, spessartine, elbaite and kunzite gem crystals, mostly enormous, as well as exotica such as the world's biggest crystal of viitaniemiite (17 cm long, and quite sharp), and monster crystals and crystal clusters of rarities like pollucite, beryllonite, and chevkinite.
Luis also provided show-and-tell evidence that the Telirio mine in Minas Gerais, established by now as a major latterday source of fine brazilianite specimens, is now turning out modest-sized clusters of siderite crystals, a few more of the outstanding beryllonite crystal groups reported on earlier, and zanazziite in pale green reniform spheres to 2 cm (the description of zanazziite as a new species appeared in vol.
For one, he had much better thumbnails than previously of beryllonite from the Telirio mine, Linopolis, Minas Gerais (already familiar as the source of the fine, sharp brazilianite crystals of late).
There are also solo beryllonite thumbnails, and one showing beryllonite with gray-white apatite.
Like beryllonite from elsewhere, these are not pretty, being milky grayish white and translucent, with wavy faces and a pearly luster.