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BlackBerry Enterprise Server

A server component from BlackBerry that synchronizes mail and calendar data between BlackBerry phones and enterprise messaging servers, primarily Microsoft Exchange. By supporting corporate email, BlackBerry Enterprise Server (BES) was the major ingredient that enabled BlackBerry phones to take off in the 2000s.

In January 2013, BES 10 was introduced, a major upgrade that provides a single console for managing BlackBerry 10, Apple iOS and Android devices. See BlackBerry, BlackBerry 10 and BlackBerry Balance.
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shaggy-haired, shortlegged god with tail. [Egyptian Myth.: Leach, 138]
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BES had agreed to return more than PS300,000 to affected customers and another PS670,000 will benefit consumers via the Business Debtline.
Kwan Cheung, marketing manager at BES, said: "Our 'BrumMe' event is about bringing together all the entrepreneurial minds in the city to celebrate their achievements and to inspire others to start their own business in Birmingham."
It is noteworthy that the user base of BES has declined with the advent of Android based services in last couple of years and only a maximum of 5000 people use BES services in Pakistan.
The BES Chairman thanked the Shura Chairman for motivating BES members to exert more efforts to accentuate the developments taking place in Bahrain.
The plaintiffs claim that their interests were damaged by the "abrupt resolution measure" that involved the breaking up of BES and the transfer of its assets to a new entity, Novo Banco, a move the suit describes as "illegal" and "null".
Following the transfer, the guarantor of BES Finance Ltd's outstanding senior unsecured debt is Novo Banco, while the guarantor of the vehicle's subordinated debt and preferred shares is BES.
Portuguese 10-year yields dipped 1.4 basis points to 3.71 percent with the problems around BES essentially seen contained for now.
This paper addresses the issue of improving DC bus voltage regulation by using G-VSC and BES with a bidirectional DC/DC buck-boost converter for the efficient performance of grid-connected PV systems.
Geography & Environmental Mgt Program (BES) Co-op, MES, PhD)
"We've shown for the very first time that BES may provide insight into preventing growth factor deprivation-triggered apoptosis in olfactory bulb neural precursor cells (OB NPCs)," said Fan, professor of biological science and medical engineering at Beihang and senior author.
Washington, August 26 ( ANI ): Researchers have discovered a new technique called Biphasic Electrical stimulation (BES), a non-chemical procedure, that they believe can be used for spinal cord injury patients in the future.
23 July 2013 -- US money transfer company MoneyGram (NASDAQ: MGI) said that it has signed an agreement with Portugal-based Banco Espirito Santo (EURONEXT: BES) to offer its funds transfer services at bank locations across the country.