Best Fit

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best fit

[¦best ′fit]
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Best Fit

A resource allocation scheme (usually for memory). Best Fit tries to determine the best place to put the new data. The definition of 'best' may differ between implementations, but one example might be to try and minimise the wasted space at the end of the block being allocated - i.e. use the smallest space which is big enough.

By minimising wasted space, more data can be allocated overall, at the expense of a more time-consuming allocation routine.

Compare First Fit.
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References in classic literature ?
This is an excess of ingenuousness or of malice--you ought to know better than anyone which word best fits the case."
Archwire that corresponded to the patient's arch form more closely and touched the maximum number of teeth (incisal edges of incisors and cusp tips of canine, first and second premolars and molars) was termed as best fit. All the data was recorded on proforma.
The Labour leader was seen as the best fit for No10, scoring 26 per cent of the vote compared to Theresa May's 25 per cent.
Summary: Oregon [USA], May 9 (ANI): Nike wants you to wear the perfect size sneaker and is taking the help of augmented reality technology to give you the best fit.
Chaudhry's texts come in the aftermath of a tweet he sent out on Saturday which read: "I will be more than happy to vacate my position for Sheikh Rasheed sb and serve as MNA, we all use trust powers bestowed by people of Pakistan and PM decides who is best fit in the role".
'We all use trust powers bestowed by people of Pakistan and PM decides who is best fit in the role, However, till I am minister ll not bow to blackmailing of Advertisement lobby,' the information minister added.
Having becoming a partner of SAP, JBS will help companies identify, buy, implement and run SAP solutions that best fit their unique needs.
Heritability in narrow sense (h2ns) was calculated using the components of variance from the best fit model of weighted least squares analysis.
Topics will include finding the best fit college and impressing college admission officers.
Having all companies in one place, it was very convenient for me to find out which company was a best fit for me, and at the same time where I was a best fit for them."
The companies said the merger will make it easier for parents to get quality evaluations and mentorship from former NHL players and elite former players for their child, as well as help ice hockey family advisors, evaluators and trainers match players with teams at best fit.
With Covered California's three-month open-enrollment period that began Nov.1, it's a great time to shop for the best fit for your health coverage.