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A hereditary form of hemolytic anemia resulting from a defective synthesis of hemoglobin: thalassemia major is the homozygous state accompanied by clinical illness, and thalassemia minor is the heterozygous state and may not have evident clinical manifestations. Also known as Mediterranean anemia.



(also thalassanemia), a familial hemolytic anemia, first detected in 1925 among inhabitants of the Mediterranean region. Thalassemia is caused by disturbances in hemoglobin synthesis.

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Since the transplant, the family has returned home to Abu Dhabi where Zayed has made a full recovery and no longer manifests any signs of beta thalassaemia major.
Mrs Hashmi, for example, would have been spared having to have her foetus carrying beta thalassaemia major aborted if the embryo had been created by IVF and the disorder diagnosed by PGD.
Uswah Noor Mohammad is diagnosed with beta thalassaemia major and needs an urgent bone marrow transplant.
Today, there are over 80 diseases which can be treated using stem cells, including cancer of the blood such as leukaemia and blood disorders like beta thalassaemia and sickle cell anaemia, both of which are prevalent in the region.
Zain has beta thalassaemia, a rare genetic condition which means he can't make blood cells of his own.
Their son Zain, three, suffers from beta thalassaemia major which creates lethal levels of iron in his blood.
Stem cells will be used to save Zain Hashmi, the two-year-old from Leeds who has beta thalassaemia, a life-threatening blood disorder.
The family at the centre of the row, Raj and Shahana Hashmi, are trying to save son Zain, three, who has beta thalassaemia major, which creates potentially fatal levels of iron.