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church with a cupola; a typical example of Georgjan architecture at the turn of the 13th century; located in a gorge of the Vere River 20 km from Tbilisi.

The ground plan of Betania is rectangular with a high drum pierced by 12 windows with carved frames and a dome under a conical roof. The facades, which are faced with hewn stone, have carved window platbands, circles, and a cruciform composition. The interior has a wall painting (beginning of the 13th century) that includes portraits of George III, Queen Tamara, and George Lasha. On the south side a portico with an eight-arched carved vault adjoins the temple; the remnants of a more ancient structure are on the west side of the temple. A hall church (1196) is west of Betania.


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Elizabeth Venalonzo is pastor of Betania Church in Yuma.
The fish that is commercialized during this time, as a national production, comes mainly from the Pacific, Caribbean, Continental and Betania (Huila) regions, responding to the great demand of the traditional celebration, which becomes a great opportunity for all the value chain, especially for fishermen and fishery products traders.
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She will serve as a member of EMD Serono's leadership team, as well as a member of the Global Compliance Healthcare team led by Betania Glorio, global compliance officer, Healthcare, Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany.
She will serve as a member of the company's leadership team and as a member of the Global Compliance Healthcare team led by Betania Glorio, global compliance officer, healthcare, Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany.
Despues de nuestra conversacion y de mostrarme la ultima carta del Agorero, regreso a la sede de la orden, y dejo Betania antes del anochecer.
Among those with higher schooling levels (Betania, Cassia, and Adriana), we observed that work allowed financial autonomy and favored the rupture of conflicting conjugal relationships.
Le 2,19.51), asi como a Maria de Betania que, a los pies del Senor, escuchaba su palabra (cfr.
?No llegaste a Betania en tus correrias por el Asia?