Bethlehem column

Bethlehem column

Rolled-steel H-section used as a column; it was manufactured by the Bethlehem Steel Company as a replacement for columns built up from steel plate and angle irons.

box column

A hollow, built-up column constructed of wood, usually rectangular or square in section.

cabled column

A column in the shape of twisted strands of a large-fiber rope.

cabled flute column

A column or pilaster with semicircular convex moldings in the center of the flutes, usually starting at the base of the column and stopping at one-third or one-half the column height; the moldings may be plain or ornamental.

channel column

A hollow steel column composed of a pair of channels that are attached with plates so that the channels are facing outward.

clustered column

A column or pillar composed of a cluster of attached or semiattached additional shafts, grouped together to act as a single structural or design element.

composite column

A column in which a metal structural member is completely encased in concrete containing special spiral reinforcement.

coupled column

Columns set as close pairs with a much wider space between the pairs.

diminished column

A column with a greater diameter at its base than at its capital.

elephantine column

A large round or square column that has a broad base and tapers toward the top, found in many bungalow-style homes.

embedded column

A column that is partly, but not wholly, built into a wall.

engaged column

A column that is attached and appears to emerge from the wall, as decoration or as a structural buttress.

grouped columns

Three or more closely spaced columns or pilasters forming a group, often on one pedestal.


An engaged column projecting approximately one-half its diameter, usually slightly more.

insulated column

A column which is entirely detached from a main building or structure.

knotted column

A column with a shaft carved to resemble a knot or two intertwined ropes.

lally column

A proprietary name for a cylindrical column that is filled with concrete; used as a structural column to provide support to beams or girders.

long column

A column whose slenderness ratio is high, making it liable to failure by buckling.
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