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Bewitched (television series)

(religion, spiritualism, and occult)

A successful television comedy series inspired by the movie I Married a Witch, it ran from 1964 to 1972, and starred Elizabeth Montgomery as Samantha, a young housewife who is a Witch trying to live a normal life. Unfortunately every time she is tempted to use magic to help herself or her husband, things go awry. The role of her husband, Darrin, was played first by Dick York and then by Dick Sargent. Agnes Moorehead played Samantha's witchy mother, Endora, who kept trying to lead her daughter back to the path of spells and magic.

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indeed, to favour a little the opinion of Partridge, it might very well be called music bewitched.
The Kenyan-based Congolese gospel musician said he lost his arm when he was 12 years old after his father's side chick bewitched him.
ATWITCH of her nose and TV magic was guaranteed when Elizabeth Montgomery first appeared as modern-day witch Samantha in Bewitched.
Beginning with a young witch who's preparing for a Halloween party in her room with her friends, soon the adults and neighbours are all bewitched too - making a great party.
Bewitched began in 1964 and ran until the early 1970s, with Elizabeth Montgomery appearing in all 254 episodes, and also playing Samantha's own cousin, Serena.
In this sequel to Bewitched in Oz (Capstone, 2014/VOYA August 2014), Zerie Greenapple and her friends have arrived in the Emerald City, but all is not as they imagined it would be.
<![CDATA[ 'Enlightened' rabbis, High Court justices, research institutes, respected politicians and of course, Shimon Peres, oyyy, Shimon Peres a and all those who dream to be like them, all the flunkeys and yes-men a have bewitched us.]]>
He asked: "Which two actresses who starred in film Strangers on a Train went on to appear on TV series Bewitched?" It was Marion Lorne and Kasey Rogers.
Los Angeles, CA, April 18, 2015 --( Bewitched, the classic supernatural sitcom that ran from 1964 to 1972 and revolved around Darrin Stephens, a mortal man who married Samantha, a beautiful witch, is still popular five decades after its premiere - so much so, that NBC has green-lit a continuation that is slated to air later this year.
Bewitched again; supernaturally powerful women on television, 1996-2011.
TWITCH UPON A STAR: THE BEWITCHED LIFE AND CAREER OF ELIZABETH MONTGOMERY is based on the author's exclusive interviews with Montgomery before her death in 1995, and includes new, never-before-published material and commentary from many associated with her life and career before, during and after Bewitched.
0QP Docusoap The Wedding Shop aired recently, Channel 4 bewitched us 19/20 Channel 4 bewitched us all with their gipsy wedding shows, and Sky Living's Battle of the Brides also went down a treat.