Bezobrazov, Ivan

Bezobrazov, Ivan Romanovich


(nicknamed Osechka). Year of birth unknown; died 1629. Russian noble.

In 1605–06, Bezobrazov traveled to Poland, where he engaged in negotiations with King Sigismund III concerning a marriage between the False Dmitri I and Marina Mnishek, and at the same time, on secret instructions from the Shuisky and Golitsyn families of Moscow boyars, he discussed the overthrow of False Dmitri I and the assumption of the Russian throne by Crown Prince Wtadyslaw. Under Tsar Vasilii Shuiskii he served False Dmitri II, the Polish candidate for the Russian throne. During the years 1615–28 he was voevoda (military governor) in Galich, Yaroslavl, Surgut, and Shatsk. After 1626 he served at the tsar’s court.