Bezold, Wilhelm

Bezold, Wilhelm


Born June 21, 1837, in Munich; died Feb. 17, 1907, in Berlin. German meteorologist; member of the German Academy of Sciences from 1886. Organizer and director of the Bavarian network of meteorological stations from 1879 to 1885. Director of the Prussian Meteorological Institute and professor at the University of Berlin from 1885.

Bezold gave an explanation of the color phenomena of sunrise. He showed that the energy of atmospheric movements may come from the internal energy of water vapor, proved that cyclones may arise as a part of the general atmospheric circulation, proposed a means of ascertaining the wind velocity in cyclones and anticyclones, and explained the reason for the occurrence of anticyclones alongside cyclones.


Gesammelte Abhandlungen aus den Gebieten der Meteorologie und des Erdmagnetismus. Braunschweig, 1906.


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