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(bŭs`kərə), called


(əchär`yə) [Skt.,=learned], b. 1114, Indian mathematician and astronomer. According to the custom, he put his learned treatises into verse, adding, however, explanations in prose. His work Siddhantasiromani includes chapters on arithmetic, algebra, and astronomy that have been translated into English. He gives the first systematic exposition of the decimal system. By mentioning such items as rates of interest and the prices of slaves, he gives some indication of economic conditions in his day. He was at the head of the observatory at UjjainUjjain
, city (1991 pop. 362,633), Madhya Pradesh state, central India, on the Sipra River. Many pilgrims visit Ujjain, which Hindus consider one of the holiest places in India.
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(Bhaskaracarya). Born 1114; died after 1178. Indian mathematician and astronomer.

Bhaskara was the author of the work The Wreath of Systems (about 1150), which contains methods for the solution of a number of algebraic and theoretical-numerical problems.


Iushkevich, A. P. Istoriia matematiki v srednie veka. Moscow, 1961.
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