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(bēlz), people, numbering about 3 million, who inhabit portions of Pakistan and of W central India, especially S Rajasthan and Gujarat states. They speak an Indo-European language, Bhili, and retain a distinctive culture, much affected by, but not absorbed into, Hinduism. They were traditional enemies of the Rajputs and allies of the Mughals.


See S. M. Doshi, Bhils (1971).



a group of related Indian tribes living mainly in the mountainous areas of the states of Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, and Bombay. There are about 2.8 million Bhils (1967 estimate). They speak Bhil dialects related to Indian (Indo-Aryan) languages. Their religion is Hinduism, but they preserve ancient animistic beliefs. The basic occupation is agriculture (cultivation of rice, millet, beans and vegetables); hunting and fishing play a major role in their economy. The Bhils are being assimilated by neighboring peoples (Rajasthani, Gujarati, and Marathas).


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Tenders are invited for Providing and laying G I in zone no 04 ward no 10 at Chhoti umhar khadi, Mahesh yadav nagar ,Badal ka bhatta, Bhil dharmashala Shiv dayal ka bhatta
and distributed through FINRA member BHIL Distributors, Inc.
On demobilization she heard God's call and came to India in 1952 under the WMS to work in the medical units on the Bhil Fields.
WITH an arrow stuck in his head, a Bhil from Madhya Pradesh's Alirajpur district crossed three districts -- Dhar, Badwani and Khargone -- and nearly 240 km in an ambulance to reach Indore where he will undergo a surgery to remove the weapon that has pierced his skull bone and is touching tissues near his brain.
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It so happened that Jagliya Bhil has a rooster and his neighbour Gyan Singh Bhil has a hen.
The rains had failed and the Bhil tribals had not managed to harvest enough jowar and bajra to feed their families.
Most of its 200 people belong to the Bhil tribe, which is on almost the lowest rung on the country's traditional social hierarchy.
The Santhal, Munda and Bhil rebellions were some of the significant tribal responses to the colonial atrocities and injustice.
2002) has found little lower prevalence of anaemia in Bhil and Pawara tribes in Maharashtra but they too reported the higher prevalence of anaemia in females as compared to males.
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Garli Bai, 32 years old, belonged to the Bhil tribe and lived in a village in a district neighbouring Barwani.