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Brinell hardness number

A measure of Brinell hardness; obtained by dividing the load expressed in kilograms (applied to a ball, usually 10 mm in diameter), by the area of indentation, expressed in square millimeters.
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Casting Quality: Micro shrinkage porosity can reduce a BHN reading and will increase its variability.
Once you know what your BHN value is for your alloy mix, you can multiply that figure by a factor of 1,422, and this will give you what cast bullet guru Andy Moe calls the bullet's "yield strength" in pounds per square inch.
Through Aetna, BHN has been able to bring these data sources together, create disease registries, and use analytics for population health on one platform, but she adds that this in itself was a challenge.
At 600 BHN, the inner surface of this induction hardened pipe can withstand most common abrasives, and tapers to a 250 BHN outer surface that is ductile enough to accommodate normal handling during shipment, installation and maintenance.
Instead, the Mosaic Company utilizes a combination of Abrasion Resistant (A-R) pipe rated at 230 BHN and the induction hardened Ultra 600.
The revision stipulates that Yorkville Bhn would keep an 18.8% stake in the capital of AQ Tech and would obtain a call option for the remaining 81.2% in a 12-month period after closing of the operation, which is planned for 30 December.
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The rotating axle trolley features 400 bhn heat treated wheels for durability, and rotary geared upper and lower control limits with additional upper weighted limits available.
I call hard any alloy with a Brinnell hardness number (BHN) of 15 or higher.
Truline bearings can be used with all shaft or housing materials from 145 to 500 BHN and the bars are available in a range of sizes and lengths.