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Brinell hardness number

A measure of Brinell hardness; obtained by dividing the load expressed in kilograms (applied to a ball, usually 10 mm in diameter), by the area of indentation, expressed in square millimeters.
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The program targets investment in Mississippi-based businesses like BHN with 100 or fewer employees and provides patient growth capital for emerging growth businesses.
This leads to Phase Three, when the BHCs and BHN will be able to link borrowers to lenders during the incubation period using the same technology that brought unfettered transparency and de facto standardization to servicing and made operations much more efficient.
Casting Quality: Micro shrinkage porosity can reduce a BHN reading and will increase its variability.
Once you know what your BHN value is for your alloy mix, you can multiply that figure by a factor of 1,422, and this will give you what cast bullet guru Andy Moe calls the bullet's "yield strength" in pounds per square inch.
BHN will try to build public awareness of the ACO through direct conversations and newsletters.
Ginger and Earl are suspects by the two female detectives who are just as funny as our BHN team.
3 P-20 type steel preheat-treated to 277-331 Bhn (29-36 Rc); D-M-E No.
Mike Saunders, a CNC programmer for Delco Products Div, General Motors, DAyton, OHM reflecting on the wide variations in machinability of castings with the same BHN, declares, "Brinell isn't a good test for machinability--period.
It's simple beyond description and guaranteed to be accurate to plus or minus 1 BHN.
Cushman & Wakefield served as the exclusive advisor to an affiliate of BHN Associates LLC in arranging $58.