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A laminate of two dissimilar metals, with different coefficients of thermal expansion, bonded together.



a metallic material consisting of two layers of heterogeneous metals or alloys (such as steel and aluminum, steel and niobium, aluminum and titanium, titanium and molybdenum). Bimetals are used to increase the strength or heat resistance of structures, to reduce their bulk while economizing on expensive or scarce materials, and to obtain materials with special characteristics when required. For example, in electrical and radio engineering, bimetals are widely used because the density of an alternating current is greater at the periphery of the conductor than at its core, and therefore it is sometimes expedient to coat the surface of a conductor made of cheaper material (steel or aluminum) with good conductive material (copper or silver). In instrument-making, the differences in temperature coefficients of expansion of the different metals in bimetallic plates are utilized. In machine-building, certain parts of machinery, such as bush bearings, are made of bimetals.

Bimetals are made primarily by simultaneous rolling or pressing of two slabs of different metals or alloys. The casting of a fusible metal onto a refractory one and the immersion of a refractory metal in a molten fusible one are also common. In electroplating, the layer of the more precious metal is applied electrolytically. The expensive and scarce harder alloys are applied to steel by electric heating (in the production of cutting tools, dies, and the like).

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IC Enduro Bi-Metal Bandsaw Blades are engineered with a variable tooth set to maximize cutting performance while minimizing kerf loss.
With bi-metal cans having increased AMG's presence in the aluminum recycling industry, the company also ventured further into aluminum with its purchase of Shardal Castings Ltd.
Drawn-and-ironed steel cans currently on the market (those being the bi-metal varieties) have sidewalls in the .
A new bi-metal bonding process for mold components, powder-metallurgy mold steels, and novel mold-filling analysis capabilities using the power of graphics supercomputing, were among the developments presented at last month's SPE Moldmaking and Mold Design RETEC in Rosemont, Ill.
The company offers technical literature on the care and feeding of band saw blades which includes information on blade overtensioning, guides, bi-metal blades, fatigue ratios and tips on how to extend blade life.
Not only did this bind the bi-metal combination into an extremely strong structure, but it allowed the fine tolerances and sharp contours to be retained and gave excellent resilience to long term operation at high temperatures (fig.
com/research/hrx6g2/global_and_chinese) has announced the addition of the "Global and Chinese Bi-Metal Band Saw Blade Industry Report, 2011-2012" report to their offering.
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ProSense bi-metal thermometers are general-purpose devices ideal for applications such as industrial hot/chilled water lines, boilers, HVAC, food processing, and wastewater.
It offers a wide range of over 550 models across a wide variety of looks and designs for both ladies as well as gents - gold, leather straps, steel as well as plastic and bi-metal watches.
The horologist, John Harrison (1693-1776), did indeed develop the bi-metal balance spring and although he received several payments for his efforts, he did not win the official pounds 20,000 prize.
Morse, headquartered in Canton, OH, is an industry leader of high-quality standardized and made-to-length bi-metal and cobalt band saw blades, portable band saw blades, reciprocating saw blades, air saw blades, hole saws and hole saw arbors for the metal fabrication and construction markets.