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The Bibai and Gogai Nappes in the Kach-Ziarat area of northeastern Baluchistan.
Thus, Regina set up Renegade Folk in November 2007 with her sisters Tina and Bea, plus their friend Bibai Puyat who joined them along the way.
The Bibai and Gogainappes in the Kach- Ziarat area of northeastern Baluchistan.
33) 'Miandian De Jiangjieshi: Naiwen Junren Zhengfu Bibai Renmin Bisheng [The military government of Ne Win, the Chiang Kaishek of Burma, is bound to fail; the people are bound to win]', Renmin Ribao, 6 July 1967.
The Ishikari coal field, which once boasted the biggest coal production capacity in Japan, stretches across Bibai, Yubari and several other towns and cities in central Hokkaido.
He said that he inspected the affected site where the circled area showed the location of the volcanic eruption; the surrounding dark coloured rocks are Bibai Formation (a geology term).
Yoshiteru Nakagawa, 78, who lives in the Republic of Kalmykiya in southern Russia, was confirmed as brother of Toyoko Chiba, 74, a resident in Bibai, Hokkaido, the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare said.
Hokkaido Forest Experiment Station, Bibai, Hokkaido, Japan.
At the Tor Zawar, Ziarat District, the steel pylons are installed at the outcrops of the volcanic conglomerate of the Late Cretaceous Bibai Formation, whereas, in the Jang Tor Ghar, Muslim Bagh, within the alluvium mostly comprising ultramafic fragments of the Muslim Bagh Ophiolites.
of Sapporo, which extracts coal in Bibai, Hokkaido Prefecture, said a papermaker and a cement firm have indicated they might increase the volume of their coal purchases.
A fire at a three-story building in Bibai, Hokkaido killed two firefighters who were trapped under the debris while battling the blaze, the Bibai municipal fire headquarters said Sunday.
Twenty-six people were injured, one seriously, in a pileup Wednesday morning involving about 80 vehicles in the southbound lane of the Do-o Expressway in Bibai, western Hokkaido, police said.