Bibliography of Bibliographies

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Bibliography of Bibliographies


(also, secondary bibliography), a type of bibliography whose tasks include information about bibliographical aids. It accomplishes its purpose through bibliographical indexes and surveys. The following current indexes are bibliographies of bibliography: in the USSR, the annual Bibliography of Soviet Bibliography (for 1939 and 1946–65), and on an international scale, the Bibliographic Index (New York, 1938–65-, which is published twice a year), Bibliographische Berichte (Frankfurt am Main, 1959-, comes out twice a year), and Index bibliographicus (4th ed., vols. 1–2, The Hague, 1959–64, which lists current bibliographical indexes of all countries by date of publication). Retrospective indexes are J. Petzholdt’s Bibliotheca bibliographica (Leipzig, 1866) and T. Besterman’s A World Bibliography of Bibliographies, 4th ed., vols. 1–5 (Lausanne, 1965–66), as well as the indexes to reference works, compiled by C. Winchell, L. Malclés, W. Totok, and others. There are numerous indexes of subject bibliographies—Bibliography of the Bibliographies of the Works of K. Marx, F. Engels, and V. I. Lenin, by L. A. Levin (Moscow, 1961) and A Guide to Foreign Bibliographies and Reference Works on Literary Scholarship and Literature by B. L. Kandel’ (Leningrad, 1959).


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The need for scholars to be able lo locate bibliographies outside their own field was stressed: a bibliography of bibliographies was proposed as a solution.
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IN library parlance the name Besterman stands first and foremost for the World Bibliography of Bibliographies, a global reference work, but its only begetter -- and the phrase is an apt one for a Stakhanovite who worked largely alone -- also found time to work on the paranormal, on the history of bibliography itself, on the printed sources of Western art, to assist with the Journal of Documentation and the British Union Catalogue of Periodicals.

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