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Muscle weight increased between 214-fold in semitendinosus muscle of German Angus and 483-fold in biceps femoris muscle of Galloway from 3 to 9 mo of gestation (Table 6).
Body weight and the weights of half-carcass, fetal leg, liver, kidney, lung, heart, semitendinosus muscle, and biceps femoris muscle were recorded.
It has been reported that via its attachment to the sacrotuberous ligament, the long head of the biceps femoris muscle is capable of influencing the motion or stability of the sacroiliac joint.
Therefore tension developed in this large muscle could influence the sacrotuberous ligament, just as is postulated for the biceps femoris muscle.
Based on the present study it can be concluded that the marinade solution consisting of sodium chloride and sodium bicarbonate help to decrease drip loss with increasing WHC in biceps femoris muscle.
Beef musculus biceps femoris muscles (breed: Holstein; sex: female, age: 4 years, 3 day postmortem, muscle pH at the time of purchase: 5.
Pooling the data from these three prospective case series, the biceps femoris muscle was involved most frequently, 76.
It was observed that breed significantly affects the color parameters of biceps femoris muscle of the hams.
Activity of the quadriceps femoris was calculated as the average responses of the rectus femoris, vastus lateralis, and vastus medialis muscles, whereas the activity of the hamstrings was calculated as the average of the semitendinousus and biceps femoris muscles.