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(beggar-ticks, bur marigold, or sticktight), a genus of annual or perennial herbs of the family Compositae. The opposite leaves vary from entire to pinnatisect. The disk flowers are bisexual; sometimes there are infertile ray flowers. The flowers are in heads generally borne singly on the apices of the stem and the branches. The fruit is an achene, with two to four retrosely barbed bristles on the apex.

There are more than 200 species, which are distributed worldwide but mainly in the Americas. The USSR has eight species. B. tripartita grows along bodies of water marshes, ditches, moist wastelands, gardens, and fields. The plant sometimes forms a dense cover. It contains essential oil; mucilaginous, bitter, and tannic substances; carotene; and vitamin C. In folk medicine the leaves and stem apices are used in baths to heal various diatheses with rashes; the herb is also used in an antiscrofulous mixture.


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Biden says fair wages generate worker loyalty, leading to higher productivity and less turnover.
Biden told the group, "If we get to 5 or 6 million, that's a hell of a start," according to AP.
Biden told Aso that the United States has maintained its presence in East Asia and that he wants to work together with Japan closely, the official said.
Ryan faced the challenge of showing that he had a command of foreign policy issues against Biden, a veteran of international affairs -- a test Ryan largely passed, analysts said.
I know that some in China believe that greater freedoms threaten economic progress by undermining social stability," Biden said in remarks at Sichuan University in Chengdu on the final day of his trip to China.
Leno asked Biden during a taping of NBC's "The Tonight Show" why the US was sending 10 accused spies back to Russia while getting only four in return.
Iran's announcement that it has enriched uranium to 20 percent, in addition to its refusal to make headway in talks with the international community, have deepened differences between us," Biden said.
Biden also neutralized Cheney's larger complaint that the Obama administration doesn't believe it's at war.
Mr Biden said she died in Wilmington, Delaware, surrounded by her family and loved ones.
A reporter travelling with Biden confirmed that mortars had landed in the Green Zone and said that Biden was "fine".
Biden told the leaders Iraq was at "the moment where a lot of Iraqis cynically believed we'd never keep the agreement" and that the White House wanted to send them a message it was engaged at the highest levels.
Speaking at the conference, an annual gathering of leaders and defense experts, Biden said the new U.