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a genus of umbelliferous plants. They are annual grasses with unsegmented leaves. The flowers are small and white, arranged in complex umbellae. The fruit divides into two almost spherical hemicarps. There are three species in the temperate and warm regions of the Old World and one in North America. There are two species in the USSR: B. radians, found in the southwestern European part, in the Crimea, and in the Caucasus; and B. testiculata, found in the Caucasus and occasionally in Middle Asia. Both species are short, branching plants that grow in fields, gardens, and vineyards. They are used by local people as a spicy seasoning in food.

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Divided by a colonnete into two arches.
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La puerta romana, bifora, estaba flanqueada por dos grandes torres rectangulares gemelas de 12,80 m de longitud por 5 m de anchura, de las que solo la situada al norte pudo excavarse totalmente, mientras que la contraria, aunque se documentaron sus limites, subyace bajo la calle actual (2).
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Howard squinted at his Bifora wristwatch and saw it was 3am.
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