Big Ben

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Big Ben,

the bell in the Parliament tower (Westminster Palace), London, England. It was named for Sir Benjamin Hall, commissioner of works when the bell was installed in 1856. The name is often used to refer to the huge clock in the tower.

Big Ben

bell of Houses of Parliament clock in London keeps Britons punctual. [Br. Culture: Misc.]
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THE BIG ONE: Big Ben, less usually known as St Stephen's Tower, Westminster, looms over a postcard on its 150th anniversary yesterday
So Big Ben has been signed up as a replacement to ensure the city's Calennig celebrations clock in on time - with a digital link from London.
Thousand Oaks High's own Big Ben, quarterback Ben Olson, briefly rescued the Lancers' from elimination from the Southern Section Division IV quarterfinals Friday.
It wouldn't be the end for the famous bell, said Cameron, because most people would still call it Big Ben.
The program, with brief remarks on the significance of Big Ben, will include:
It was also claimed yesterday that al-Qaeda members had planned to hijack a plane at Heathrow airport and fly it into Big Ben at Westminster on September 11.
CLEAN SWEEP Abseilers cleaning one of the faces of Big Ben - but its hand could grind to a halt because of a row over maintenance.
Mr Derek Conway, the Conservative MP for Old Bexley and Sidcup said: "There's a wonderful invention called the wristwatch which some people find works moderately well, " and MPs could always "look out of the window" where they will find Big Ben.
Global landmarks such as Sydney's Opera House, Beijing's Forbidden City and Big Ben temporarily went dark on Saturday as nations dimmed the lights for Earth Hour 2010 to call for action on climate change.
FEARS of a terrorist threat on Britain were played down by Scotland Yard yesterday - after al-Qaeda orders for an attack on Big Ben were found in Afghanistan.
Always a favorite around the house, BIG BEN PUZZLES celebrate 50 years of providing a challenging, yet rewarding, time for kids and adults.
BIG Ben is turning into our own Leaning Tower of Pisa, a worrying survey has confirmed.

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