Big Ben

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Big Ben,

the bell in the Parliament tower (Westminster Palace), London, England. It was named for Sir Benjamin Hall, commissioner of works when the bell was installed in 1856. The name is often used to refer to the huge clock in the tower.
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Big Ben

bell of Houses of Parliament clock in London keeps Britons punctual. [Br. Culture: Misc.]
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Keeper of the Great Clock Steve Jaggs said last night: "It is a testament to the craftsmanship that went into its creation, and the expert team maintaining it, that 160 years since Big Ben rang out on July 11, 1859, both the Great Bell and the Great Clock still remain in fantastic condition.
But due to popular demand and public outrage it was decided Big Ben would be allowed to bong on important national events and holidays throughout the four-year conservation period.
"The main picture I was looking forward to taking on my London trip was my beautiful selfie in front of Big Ben only to find out that he is being repaired and is currently covered in scaffolding.
We are very pleased for TGI extending Big Ben Venture Partners, our affiliates, partners and subcontractors this opportunity to work with your Company.
Big Ben's bells fell silent in August to allow essential repair works to take place.
OFF THE SCALES but Big Ben doesn't have to joke about his weight like Gazza (left)
But MPs and tourists in Westminster were advised not to set their watches by Big Ben over the next few days, as parliamentary authorities expect "slight inaccuracies" following its 11-week break for essential conservation work.
Construction company Sir Robert McAlpine is to refurbish the famous clocktower, officially called the Elizabeth Tower (strictly speaking, Big Ben is the nickname of one of the bells inside).
With reference to Kenny Surtees' letter (The Gazette 25.08.17), I am delighted that London, not to mention the rest of the country, is up in arms about the silencing of Big Ben.
Not a sight but a sound: the hourly bong-bong-bong-bong of Big Ben. The distinctive and reassuring chimes, which have marked the passage of time since the Victorian era, have fallen silent after ringing out at noon on Monday for the final time before a $37 million restoration project at the tower in which the bell is housed.
The Big Ben bell in the British parliament's famous clock tower tolled for the last time on Monday before it ceased its regular bongs for four years while renovation work is carried out.
BIG Ben should bong Britain out of the European Union on the day of Brexit, Leave-backing Tory MPs have said.

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