Big Ben

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Big Ben,

the bell in the Parliament tower (Westminster Palace), London, England. It was named for Sir Benjamin Hall, commissioner of works when the bell was installed in 1856. The name is often used to refer to the huge clock in the tower.

Big Ben

bell of Houses of Parliament clock in London keeps Britons punctual. [Br. Culture: Misc.]
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When Big Ben was halted on August 21 for works lasting four years on the Elizabeth Tower, it was made clear it would be restarted for important national events.
The sound of Big Ben is the signature tune of our nation, especially since it rang out in defiance, on the BBC, as we stood alone against Nazi aggression.
Officially called the Elizabeth Tower, the 96-metre-tall clock tower that houses Big Ben is believed to be the most photographed building in the United Kingdom.
She's happy to condemn Big Ben to being silent, but silent on condemning Donald Trump.
It's such a disappointment to have the Big Ben silent for a number of years because it is one of the icons in London.
Earlier this year,Downing Street said Britain would leave the EU "when Big Ben bongs midnight" on March 29 2019, the deadline for the two-year Article 50 withdrawal process.
August 15 ( ANI ):London's Big Ben bongs will go silent for the next four years from next week as major conservation work is to be carried out on the Elizabeth Tower that houses the Great Clock and its bell.
Big Ben was the only British attraction in the international top 15, coming in at No.
La seconde veut que l'horloge ait ete baptisee Big Ben en hommage a Ben Caunt, un boxeur poids lourd des annees 1850.
Gavin Lloyd Gareth Evans and Co at Big Ben Ian Clapham in the sunshine
The view was fantastic and seeing the Big Ben clock tower and the London Eye lit up at night was beautiful.
Just a few months later, after the intricate clock was installed below it, Big Ben cracked.

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