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This means that even with the Big Four agenda, we need to explore alternative but complementary housing delivery options to cater for the portion of the deficit not covered.
The Financial Times has reported that fines paid by the big four corporate accountancy and auditing firms: Deloitte, PwC, KPMG and EY, have increased by three times in 2018 compared to 2017.
The Big Four are in rude health, but the challenges they face are growing
While it is still early to say what we will embark on straight away as we set out to work, implementation of the Big Four agenda remains key among what we want to accomplish," said Mr Yatani, who was accompanied by his principal secretary, Dr Julius Monzi Muia.
Sales fell year-on-year at all of Britain's big four supermarket groups over the 12 weeks to July 14.
Insiders at the firm are either unwilling or unable to comment, and partners and other accountants at rival firms also appear in the dark as to what precisely was the problem, except that it appears to have been significant enough for at least one, and possibly more, partners to have been fired from their jobs, an almost unprecedented action in the history Pakistan's Big Four accounting firms.
Construction of the Shanghai Gigafactory will begin in a few months and is ( being financed by $2 billion (RMB13 billion) in loans from a bevy of Chinese lenders led by three of the Big Four banks.
But in audits of initial public offerings, Marcum tied for fourth with Big Four firm KPMG, with 25 apiece, in 2018.
A probe into the sector carried out by the Competition and Markets Authority proposes that audits of the UK's biggest companies, listed on the FTSE 350, should be carried out by at least two firms, one of which should be from outside the big four of KPMG, Deloitte, PwC and EY.
The Big Four were accused by MPs earlier this year of prioritising their own profits after pocketing around PS71.6m in Carillion-related work since 2008, including on its pension schemes, while failing to spot its precarious financial position.
This study contributes to understanding this process by examining factors that affect students' career decision to work for Big Four accounting firms.
BRITAIN'S Big Four accountancy firms have bagged more than PS1billion worth of Government contracts, research has revealed.