Big Stone Lake

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Big Stone Lake,

narrow lake, c.25 mi (40 km) long, on the Minn.–S.Dak. line. Located in the outlet channel of glacial Lake AgassizAgassiz, Lake
, glacial lake of the Pleistocene epoch, c.700 mi (1,130 km) long, 250 mi (400 km) wide, formed by the melting of the continental ice sheet beginning some 14,000 years ago; it eventually covered much of present-day NW Minnesota, NE North Dakota, S Manitoba, central
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, it is the source of the Minnesota River and serves as a storage reservoir for the Minnesota Valley.
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Big Stone Lake, on the South Dakota-Minnesota border, has enjoyed a perch renaissance.
Carbon dating of sediments recently dug from the bottoms of Big Stone Lake and Traverse Lake in Minnesota suggest that Lake Agassiz' northwestern outlet was active for no more than 400 years.
GONE SOUTH--Sediments drilled from sites in Minnesota's Traverse Lake (yellow arrow) and Big Stone Lake (white arrow) suggest that Lake Agassiz' southern spillway was active at least twice.