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large apelike creature reportedly sighted hundreds of times in the United States and Canada (most often in the Pacific Northwest) since the mid-19th cent. Similar to Asia's abominable snowmanabominable snowman
or yeti
, humanlike creature so named because it is associated with the perpetual snow region of the Himalayas. A figure unknown except through tracks ascribed to it and through alleged encounters, it is described as being 6 to 8 ft (1.8 to 2.
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, Bigfoot is variously described as standing 7–10 ft (2–3 m) tall and weighing over 500 lb (227 kg), with footprints 17 in. (43 cm) long. Sasquatch is a Native American name for the creature. Most scientists discount the existence of Bigfoot. Some supposed footprints of the animal are known to be hoaxes, such as those produced by Ray L. Wallace in Humboldt co., Calif., in 1958, and supposed hair samples that have had their DNA tested have been found to be from known animal species.


See R. M. Pyle, Where Bigfoot Walks (1995); J. B. Buhs, Bigfoot: The Life and Times of a Legend (2009).

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The embarrassment didn't stop Dyer claiming, in September 2012, that he had killed a Bigfoot close to San Antonio, Texas.
Bigfoot Project Investments (OTC PINK: BGFT) engages in the development, production, and distribution of documentary and fictional films about a creature known as Bigfoot.
He's a teddy bear, sweeter than a pot of honey," Bigfoot assures his son.
Two adult figures -- a well-known politician who has been in trouble for illegally hunting big game and Swamp Sam, who believes that Bigfoot monsters are organizing to form an army -- provide an interesting twist.
Bigfoot and Abbott both share a vision to simplify the use of diabetes management systems for these insulin users: a goal that moves beyond technology and into accessibility and cost reduction for individuals, their health care providers and payers.
I was watching Johnny Carson in 1967, and I saw the first 8mm footage that Roger Patterson took of the Bluff Creek finding Bigfoot sighting," he said on his (http://www.
The Bigfoot Researchers Organization was founded in 1995 and is now best known for its connection to Animal Planet's Finding Bigfoot.
Adam's interest in Bigfoot legends goes way back to when he was a child.
The findings are unlike to deter those who still insist Bigfoot is real.
This includes looking for living examples of animals that are considered extinct, such as dinosaurs; animals whose existence lacks physical evidence but which appear in myths, legends, or are reported, such as Bigfoot and Chupacabra; and wild animals dramatically outside their normal geographic ranges, such as phantom cats.
Perhaps explaining the many blurry Bigfoot images over the years, she said: "They can elude us.
While I'm not convinced about the world of cryptozoology, if any creature of lore is going to prove to be real, I'm rooting for Bigfoot.