Bighorn Mountains

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Bighorn Mountains,

range of the Rocky Mts., N central Wyo., extending c.120 mi (190 km) N into S Montana, E of the Bighorn River. Cloud Peak, 13,165 ft (4,013 m), is the highest point. The glaciated mountain range contains Bighorn National Forest.
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Whatever the motivation, for two years I ran and exercised every day; ran in shorter races; ran the Los Angeles Marathon; and finally, on June 16, 2007, found myself running 30-plus miles through the Bighorn Mountains, thinking how cruel the mountains can be.
Her mother had grown up on the ranch, in Butch Cassidy country in the Bighorn Mountains.
Then I travel to the Bighorn Mountains of Wyoming to hunt bears and take .
In Wyoming, Devil's Canyon scores the western slope of the Bighorn Mountains.
The 11,179-acre Devil's Canyon Ranch straddles the western slope of Wyoming's Bighorn Mountains, rising from 4,000 to 7,000 feet, with sheer, 1,500-foot-deep Devil's Canyon running through the middle of it.
Week 13, Sept 22-Sept28: "Bighorn Bear" Tom Nelson returns to hunt black bears with Bliss Creek Outfitter Tim Doud in Wyoming's beautiful Bighorn Mountains.
The experiences the dude ranch offers are as real as the tang of wood smoke, sunlight striking the Bighorn Mountains, or a six-hour ride on a roan pony that leaves muscles weary but heart renewed.
The war was fought here, where Crazy Woman Creek curves beneath the Bighorn Mountains, in the spring of 1892.
Montana plains stretch in all directions, bounded by the Pryor Mountains to the west and the Bighorn Mountains to the east.