Bighorn Mountains

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Bighorn Mountains,

range of the Rocky Mts., N central Wyo., extending c.120 mi (190 km) N into S Montana, E of the Bighorn River. Cloud Peak, 13,165 ft (4,013 m), is the highest point. The glaciated mountain range contains Bighorn National Forest.
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The Bighorn Mountains, the Tetons, and ranges all across Wyoming are seen now as the final frontier for vacationers and weekenders seeking their private paradise.
The term medicine wheel was first applied to a large structure, built solely of rocks, in the Bighorn Mountains of Wyoming.
On a clear day like today, you can see the white tops of the Bighorn Mountains from the backyard.
Most of the transplants went to establish a new herd in the Bighorn Mountains of north-central Wyoming, where the animals that had given the mountains their name had not been seen for 80 years.
At the time of Sitting Bull's birth in 1831, the Hunkpapa Sioux hunted the northern high plains between the Missouri River and the Bighorn Mountains.
At the November meeting, the two described their examination of thousands of specimens from a fossil site known as Natural Trap Cave, near northern Wyoming's Bighorn mountains.
Her mother had grown up on the ranch, in Butch Cassidy country in the Bighorn Mountains.
I had just turned 60, and I was hunting bears with Tim Doud in Wyoming's Bighorn Mountains (see "The Task Master" Mar/Apr 2006).
For sheer numbers, the eastern foothills of the Bighorn Mountains in the Sheridan and Buffalo areas are Wyoming's whitetail Mecca.
The experiences the dude ranch offers are as real as the tang of wood smoke, sunlight striking the Bighorn Mountains, or a six-hour ride on a roan pony that leaves muscles weary but heart renewed.
Then I travel to the Bighorn Mountains of Wyoming to hunt bears and take .