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A Scheme interpreter, compiler and run-time system by Manuel Serrano <> which aims to deliver small, fast stand-alone applications. It supports modules and optimisation. Bigloo's features enable Scheme programs to be used where C or C++ might usually be required.

The Bigloo compiler produces ANSI C which is compiled into stand-alone executables, JVM bytecode, or .NET bytecode. Hence Bigloo enables Scheme programs to interwork with C, Java and C# programs.

Bigloo conforms to the IEEE Scheme standard with some extensions for regular expression handling. It runs on Sun, Sony News, SGI, Linux, HP-UX and is easy to port to any Unix system.

Latest version: 2.6f, as of 2005-03-29.

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In the past few years, tremendous improvement has been made to the quality of Internet services delivered to rural communities and this 2500 MHz spectrum win further expands our capabilities to deliver on our mission of delivering high quality internet services to rural Canadians" stated Amir Bigloo CEO of CCI Wireless.
Farzi and Shekari Mosta'li Bigloo [8] showed that the highest general heritability rate is belongs to peduncle length and peduncle weight (87% and 81%, respectively), and the lowest was related to plant weight (31%) and harvest index.
We used Bigloo 1.7, a Scheme compiler which generates C code, with maximum optimization.